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Joint Fire and Emergency and NZPFU statement

Joint Fire and Emergency and NZPFU statement

The NZPFU and Fire and Emergency have held two days of negotiations this week which has included an exchange of proposals and consideration of different modelling options that incorporated a proposed funding injection by Government.  A representative of the Minister and independent financial consultants were present and privy to the discussions.

The parties have agreed in principle to the substantial issues subject to final calculations and funding.  There are a few outstanding matters that are not agreed and are still being discussed with a view to finding an acceptable way forward. 

The FENZ Board will be briefed tomorrow on the framework which has been agreed in principle to apply subject to securing the necessary funding.

Both parties have given an assurance that bargaining is a priority, and are working collaboratively to achieve settlement. The final framework will be dependent on the funding available and the agreement on the best use of that funding.

Strike action has now been withdrawn for tomorrow 11 November and Monday 14 November while negotiations continue. Both parties look forward to continuing discussions next week.