Our people. Our stories.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Our people. Our stories.

Matt Owens

Matt Owens - Firefighter
I was a musician in Auckland before I moved to Awhitu. I hadn’t been here long before the local fire crew turned up... Read more

Scyllade MagalhaesScylla Magalhaes - Qualified Firefighter
I came to New Zealand from Brazil on a working holiday eleven years ago and fell in love with the country straight away... Read more

Henry Grey - Firefighter
Life in New Zealand began for me through a rugby sponsorship with St Pats Silverstream. While at school I’d often... Read more

Louise Grevel

Louise Grevel - Recruit Firefighter
I’ve been heavily involved in our community since our children were little started with kindy, school and then my role... Read more

Mike Todd

Mike Todd - Operational Support
I come from a family of volunteers really. All my family, all my brothers and sisters, they all volunteer for things… Read more

Marilyn Barbarich - Firefighter
I usually give up my Christmas and New Year’s now. Because I live at home. I usually stay at home by myself... Read more

Ken Keenan - Brigade Controller
Eight of us started this with a ute and a trailer. At the time we thought we’d better help ourselves because the nearest... Read more

Kelli Sutton

Kelli Sutton - Operational Support
Nearly 10 years ago I was having a conversation with my kids about what they wanted to be when they were older… Read more

Seth Rance

Seth Rance - Senior Station Officer
It seems a lifetime ago when I got the nudge from my parents to knock on the door at the Greytown Fire Station... Read more