About Get Firewise

The Get Firewise programme is a curriculum-based resource that gives children of primary and intermediate age the knowledge and behaviour they need to stay fire safe and escape from a burning building.

You can access videos, downloads and request physical resources for your school.

Running a Get Firewise programme 

The Get Firewise programme teaches children lifelong behaviours that will help them stay safe. It's been developed using best practice techniques for teaching safety information to young children.

The teachers' lesson plans provide a guide on how to deliver the programme. We recommend running Get Firewise as either a short-focus topic of learning over two to three weeks or as a major term topic.

There is a strong focus on literacy and the resources provided give children the opportunities to practise new fire-safe behaviours across a range of engaging activities like role-plays, drawings and story-telling.

There is also a take home component of the Get Firewise programme. This is designed to engage families and whānau on a voluntary basis.

Other programmes

In addition to the Firewise programme, we also offer the following programmes for early childhood, kōhanga reo, and year 7 and 8 students:

  • Get Out! Stay Out! for early childhood.
  • E Puta! E Noho ki Waho! for kōhanga reo.
  • Māui-tinei-ahi for year 1 and 2 (Māori-medium education).

The education resources in these programmes are designed to be delivered by teachers and kaiako. They can be supported by firefighters with a school visit and fire-safety presentation.


Please give us your feedback and ideas about the programme and how this website could help you use the resources effectively.