We want everyone to have a happy and safe Diwali. By taking a few simple precautions, you will reduce fire risks for yourself and your family.

First, please ensure that you have a working smoke alarm installed in every bedroom, hallway and living area. If there is a fire, a smoke alarm will immediately warn you, giving you and everyone in your home time to escape to safety. Every home should also have an escape plan, and these can be created at escapemyhouse.co.nz.

To stay safe, here’s what we recommend:

  • Always place oil lamps and candles on a heat-resistant surface and firmly in a holder so they don't fall over and catch on surrounding materials.
  • Keep oil lamps and candles away from materials and decorations as these could easily catch fire.
  • Keep oil lamps and candles out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Keep oil lamps and candles away from curtains, other fabrics or furniture which could catch fire, and away from draughts.
  • Put oil lamps and candles out before you leave a room and before you go to bed.
  • Avoid loose clothing and tie hair back to avoid a flame catching. If there's any chance you could forget a candle is there and lean across it, put it somewhere else.
  • Consider battery operated tea lights instead of traditional candles or oil lamps. Be mindful that battery operated tealight candles often contain a button cell battery which must be kept away from children.

If you are planning on lighting fireworks check out our safety tips for lighting fireworks.