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Remember to pēhia te button | press the pātene to check your smoke alarms this daylight saving

Remember to pēhia te button | press the pātene to check your smoke alarms this daylight saving

This daylight saving, Sunday 2 April, Fire and Emergency New Zealand is encouraging everyone to remember to pēhia te button | press the pātene to check their smoke alarms are in working order.

"You and your family are more likely to survive a house fire if you have working smoke alarms," says Steve Turek, National Manager Readiness and Recovery.

"If you regularly check your smoke alarms - monthly is best - then you know you and your family will be protected if a fire were to start," he says.

Steve Turek says checking a smoke alarm is easy, and requires little time and effort - but it could save your life.

"Simply pēhia te button | press the pātene on each of your smoke alarms around the house. Hold it down until you hear a beep, then you know they’re ready to protect you and your household," he says.

Smoke alarms can’t detect smoke through closed doors, so it’s important there are enough smoke alarms installed to cover the whole house.

"We recommend you have a smoke alarm in every bedroom, living area and hallway," Steve Turek says.

A functioning smoke alarm gives you the earliest possible warning of a fire in your house. It is your best chance at surviving a house fire.

Because it only takes three minutes for a fire to become fatal, and that’s largely due to the thick black smoke. Smoke makes it hard to see and think clearly, and is also highly toxic.

"That’s why it’s also important to have a three-step escape plan, so you can get to safety quickly," he says.

Making an escape plan takes just three steps. 1 - plan your main escape route. 2 - plan a second escape route in case your normal exit is blocked. 3 - agree on a safe meeting place for you and your household which is safely away from the house.

Make your 3-step escape plan at

For information on how to look after your smoke alarms, head to our website.

"Pēhia te button o to smoke alarm kia mohio pu koe, mana koe e tiaki

"Press the pātene of your puoho auahi to make sure they are ready to protect you."