Our 3-Step Escape Plan

  • First Escape Route
  • Second Escape Route
  • Meeting Place

Use this space to note any additional information about your escape plan, i.e. who will assist

Your checklist
  • Get low

    Smoke is poisonous and more deadly than flames.

    If you breathe smoke for more than a few breaths it can kill you.

  • Be fast

    A house fire can kill you in less than three minutes.

    Don't spend time trying to save possessions.

  • Close doors

    A closed door buys you time.

    It slows down the spread of fire, giving you more time to get to safety.

  • Get out - stay out!

    People have died by going back into a fire.

    Don't leave the meeting place to go back inside for any reason.

Fire & Emergency New Zealand

Be firewise this Guy Fawkes

Be firewise this Guy Fawkes

Fire and Emergency wants a much safer and less eventful Guy Fawkes this year.

National Advisor Fire Risk Management, Todd O'Donoghue says "we had a very disappointing Guy Fawkes last year."

"Between 2 November and 9 November 2019, our crews attended 237 fireworks-related callouts - the highest number for the corresponding period since 2015.

"We saw large fires caused by fireworks in Palmerston North and Auckland, as well as incidents of people shooting fireworks from cars and at people or structures," Todd O’Donoghue says.

"This is dangerous behaviour and creates a high degree of risk for our communities."

"We’d like to not have a repeat of that this Guy Fawkes," says Todd O’Donoghue.

Fireworks go on sale to the public on Monday morning until 5 November.

Fire and Emergency prefers people attend professionally run public fireworks displays.

"But if you are planning to set off fireworks yourself, please do it safely," says Todd O’Donoghue.


- Watch the weather. If it is windy and dry, don’t light fireworks.

- Read the manufacturer’s instructions, light fireworks in an open area away from anything that could catch fire and keep a bucket of water handy.

- Remember fire can spread very quickly and a house fire can become un-survivable within three minutes.

- Light fireworks on level ground and point fireworks at the stars, not at people or other people’s property.

- Check local bylaws for the rules around using fireworks in your area. In many places, you're only allowed to light fireworks on private property.

- Keep your pets inside.



Between November 3 and November 9, we will post up to date statistics on the number of callouts we have attended. The statistics will be posted on this page https://fireandemergency.nz/recreational-and-cultural/fireworks/. The updates will occur between 5 and 6am.