Dispute resolution

Disputes Resolution Scheme Rules

The Dispute Resolution Scheme rules will give Fire and Emergency volunteers and the public an independent and transparent process to dispute our decisions.

If an organisation, Fire and Emergency volunteers or the public disagree with something we have or have not done, or a decision we have made, they will be able to apply to have their dispute resolved through our new independent dispute resolution process which will replace our interim one.

The Scheme will be subject to regular review by an independent reviewer – at 18 months following the rules coming into force and every 3 years after that. The independent reviewer will be required to assess the effectiveness of the Scheme and whether it is fit for purpose. (Rule 51)

Following public consultation in Dec 2019, the Dispute Resolution rules are now finalised and available - Dispute Resolution Scheme Rules 2020

Interim Disputes Resolution Scheme

Our new rules are expected to be in place by the end of 2020. In the meantime, if you have a dispute, you can access our interim dispute resolution process. To submit an application, use the Interim dispute resolution process application formOnce you have completed the form, email it to: dispute@fireandemergency.nz or mail it to:  

Fire and Emergency New Zealand 
Level 12, 80 The Terrace 
PO Box 2133 

Attention: Case Manager, Disputes Resolution 

More information about our Interim Dispute Resolution Scheme can be found in our Interim dispute resolution – Guide for applicants.