Join Fire and Emergency. It’s life changing.

A career as a firefighter is about protecting the community. You’ll notice the changes to your own life. But you’ll also change other people’s lives.

As a Career Firefighter, you’ll:

  • be responsible for operational readiness, first and foremost. A ready station is an effective one.
  • fight fires, with the number depending on the season and the location. We typically fight more fires in summer and answer more call-outs in cities.
  • help with medical emergencies, motor vehicle incidents, search and rescue, civil defence and natural disaster responses.
  • be busy with fire prevention activities, presenting the Get Firewise programme in schools, checking fire alarms in homes and businesses, and offering safety advice wherever it’s needed.
  • help with administration, data input, station and equipment cleaning and maintenance. Even making the odd batch of scones. Everyone pitches in!

Some emergencies are emotionally difficult to deal with, but we’ll do all we can to prepare you for these situations and support you afterwards.

Career Progression

Firefighters are encouraged to learn on the job. Possible career pathways, both through the firefighting ranks and within our organisation, are:

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