Recognising employers

When we call, New Zealand businesses answer

Every working day, hundreds of businesses and organisations across New Zealand support our brigades by allowing their employees to respond to incidents. As a self-employed volunteer, or an employer of our volunteers, you’re an essential part of our support crew.

We’re committed to recognising the support of our self-employed volunteers and volunteers’ employers. We raise awareness of employers valuable contribution by:

  • Offering a ‘Proud Employer of Fire and Emergency Volunteers’ mark for employers of volunteers to display to the public
  • Promoting employers of volunteers in our annual nationwide campaign, which recognises the vital contribution businesses play in our communities
  • Listing volunteer’s employers on our trucks, on signs outside local stations, and on our web directory
  • Publishing an annual ‘Thank You’ advert that lists local employers in local newspapers
  • Hosting our employers at annual recognition events.

Benefits of employing volunteers

Employing Fire and Emergency volunteers is rewarding. Benefits to your business or organisation include:

  • Employees with transferable skills they’ve developed through training with Fire and Emergency, e.g. first-aid, problem solving and leadership
  • A sense of pride knowing that your business or organisation plays a vital role in keeping our communities safe.
  • Recognition as a socially responsible employer which may mean more engaged and loyal employees

If you employ a volunteer, we’d love for you to join our support crew and be recognised for your contribution. 

Station and truck signage

The businesses we promote are listed outside our stations and on our trucks.

See our website directory of employers that support volunteer fire brigades in their communities.

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