International Transfers

International Transfers from other Fire Departments/Services

Transfers are for permanent employment only and will require permanent New Zealand residency. Fire and Emergency NZ also offers the firefighter exchange programme.


Applicants will need to hold permanent New Zealand residency before submitting an application to join Fire and Emergency NZ. Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor residency applications.

Application Process

Testing and interviews are only completed in New Zealand, so you would have to travel here for the process (we cannot accommodate Skype interviews).

You will need to apply for an entry-level position, as any other candidate would, this would include:

  • Making an application as a recruit during a scheduled recruit intake.

  • Complete the selection steps with other recruit applicants.

  • Passing the cognitive, PAC and PPT tests – three theory tests, practical assessments and the physical testing.

  • Be recommended for employment by a recruitment interview panel.

  • Passing the medical, security and referee screening.

If accepted, further assessment may be required to determine if you:

  • need to complete the entire 12-week training course (based in Rotorua, New Zealand), or

  • need to complete specific core competencies (up-skilling).


If it was determined that you would have to complete the full training course, you would start at the rank of Trainee Firefighter. If limited training and re-validation was required, you would be appointed at the rank of Firefighter.

An Officer rank is not currently offered to anyone without previous experience within Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Previous service is not recognised in calculating any employment related benefits.