Years 1 and 2 videos

Use this page to access the videos for the Get Firewise program for year 1 and 2 students.

School Videos

  1. Get Out! Stay Out!
  2. Tamati and Sam
  3. The speed of the armchair fire
  4. Song - Get out! Stay out! Well done! (song lyrics)
  5. Fighting fires
  6. Photographs
  7. The Firefighters' gear

Family Videos

Videos that can be watched at home as a family.

Please note, parental guideance is recommended as some children may find scenes disturbing.

  1. Stop the home fires burning
  2. Escape plans
  3. The speed of fire
  4. Fatal Fire - A Family's Story (Parental guidance is strongly recommended for this video)

Firefighter School Video

For Firefighters to use during school visits.

  1. Introduction (Firefighter training)
  2. Candle fire - Year 1 and 2 (for use in schools) - *Use Chrome or Chromium Edge to access.