School visit from a firefighter

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

School visit from a firefighter

Get Firewise programme

While the Get Firewise programme is designed to be delivered solely by teachers, a visit by firefighters or designated Firewise coordinators can occur near the end, or after the learning programme has been completed.

The firefighter visit is a structured presentation to the class that summarises and reinforces the key learning in the Get Firewise. It is usually about 30-to 40-minutes.

The presentation is designed around gaining responses from students and must be delivered to one class at a time to be effective. The firefighters will not deliver presentations to groups of classes because the student's retention of safety behaviours is compromised.

This presentation focuses on:

  • being safe with matches, lighters and candles
  • the speed of fire
  • escaping from a room that has smoke in it.

The firefighter or Firewise coordinator will discuss this presentation with you and can adapt it to meet the identified needs of your class. They will use a range of visual aids in the presentation, including props, a flip chart and a short piece of video footage.

The presentation will end with your students completing an evacuation of the classroom crawling under a black smoke sheet.

Please note: A firefighter presentation supports, but it is not a substitute for, the learning programme. Students must have completed, or have almost completed, Get Firewise, before a firefighter can visit. Not all locations will have firefighters available.

To check the availability and/or arrange for a firefighter or Firewise coordinator to visit your class, please use the contact form.  

Please note: Firefighters that visit are on duty, this means they may be called away if there is an emergency.