Timely reminder for community to turn mind to fire safety

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Timely reminder for community to turn mind to fire safety

Following two property fires over the past two days in Eltham, it’s a timely reminder for the community to turn their minds to how prepared they are at home.

Fire and Emergency Area Commander David Utumapu, says checking your smoke alarms are working and making an escape plan are a couple of simple things you can do now to make sure you and your whānau are prepared in the event of a fire.

"Fire is extremely fast and can be deadly within three minutes.

"Working smoke alarms give you that vital early warning of a fire so you and your whānau can get out to safety.

"We recommend smoke alarms in every bedroom, hallway and living area."

As well as getting that early warning, David Utumapu says it’s important to have an escape plan so you can get out quickly and safely.

"Practice your plan with your whānau and if you haven’t already made one you can make one at www.escapemyhouse.co.nz."

"Your plan should include two exits in case your normal exit is blocked and a safe meeting place."

"Taking the time now to make sure you are prepared could save you and your loved ones lives.

"Remember in a fire, call 111, get low, get out and stay out."

Check out https://fireandemergency.nz/at-home/ for more fire safety tips.