What is a Local Advisory Committee?

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

What is a Local Advisory Committee?

Local Advisory Committees

The first seven Local Advisory Committees (LACs) have been established under the Fire and Emergency Act 2017 to provide independent advice to Fire and Emergency about what communities value, their needs and the risks they face. Their advice will inform our planning and help us better support communities to reduce risk, prepare for and respond to emergencies and recover quickly when they happen.

The committees are made up of well-connected local people who are passionate about supporting their communities and who have strong connections with a broad range of people and interests within their communities. 

Members are a diverse group of people, not necessarily with any previous connection with Fire and Emergency, whose role is to provide links with the broadest possible range of stakeholder networks and interests.

Each Local Advisory Committee includes a Chair and Deputy Chair and has up to 9 members. Members appointments are for up to three years, with the possibility of reappointment.

The first seven LACs established are:

Why have we set up LACs?

We know each community is unique with different dynamics, strengths, risks, and needs. 

Some are at risk of seasonal events such as wildfires, flooding or drought. Some are remote and may be cut off if infrastructure and key services are disrupted during a fire or other emergency.

LACs will provide independent local advice on how community needs, issues and risks are being met in relation to Fire and Emergency services in each local area. Over time, through this advice, we expect to see the changing needs of communities informing our organisation and the services we provide.