Why we need Local Advisory Committees

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Why we need Local Advisory Committees

While firefighting remains at the core of our organisation, we are increasing our focus on building resilient communities and reducing consequences of emergencies.

Local Advisory Committees will help communities reduce risks, be better prepared for emergencies, and be better able to respond to and recover well when they happen.

What will Local Advisory Committees do?

Local Advisory Commitees will help shape our support for your community, by providing a strong local perspective on what matters.

Local Advisory Commitees will represent your community's interests in our local and national planning, and to support your community to be more connected and resilient in an emergency.

Local Advisory Commitees are responsible for:

  • representing your community’s understanding of local risks and issues
  • advising us about specific needs in your area
  • helping us plan for future service delivery
  • strengthening connections between Fire and Emergency and your community
  • helping to educate your community about risk reduction and build their resilience.