How Local Advisory Committees work

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

How Local Advisory Committees work

Each Local Advisory Committee has around 5 to 8 members, including a chair and deputy chair.

The Fire and Emergency New Zealand Board  appoints LAC members and chairs/deputy chairs.

Appointments are for up to three years, with the possibility of reappointment.

LAC members receive a modest fee for time spent in meetings and on engagement activities.

What Local Advisory Committee members do

Once appointed, LAC members:

  • participate in an initial induction.
  • create a plan for engaging with local communities of interest:
    • supported by local Fire and Emergency teams
    • approved and funded by us.
  • gather feedback from local networks and communities of interest.
  • meet regularly to discuss and agree advice to be provided to Fire and Emergency

 More detail about what is expected of LAC members can be found in the LAC Terms of Reference.