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Chatham Islands fire now contained

Chatham Islands fire now contained

“Good progress has been made over the past three days limiting the spread of the fire. Ground crews and helicopters have been working long hours to get the 3000 hectare fire contained.

“Helicopter pilots have been working 10-11 hour days and ground crews have been doing hard, dirty work digging out smouldering areas,” says Craig Cottrill, Fire and Emergency New Zealand Principle Rural Fire Officer.

“We are seeing less and less smoke each day. Nature is also helping - even though it is extremely dry - rain this morning helped dampen things.”

A senior fire investigator arrived at the Chatham Islands today to start the investigation into the cause of the fire.

“The emergency response has been a solid community effort,” says Craig Cottrill. “The community has been right behind the work to contain the fire, with people from across the area coming across long distances to help out.”

Helicopter and ground crews will continue to work on the fire over the days ahead.



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