Smoke alarms

One of Fire and Emergency’s strategic goals is to help ensure at least 88% of New Zealand households claim to have at least one installed and working smoke alarm.

You are four times more likely to survive a house fire if you have working smoke alarms.

To motivate people to press the button on their smoke alarms during the week of Daylight Saving, our Firefighter’s Don’t Like Fire Movies campaign will show the reality of a house fire across TV, online video (YouTube and TV onDemand), Ad on Pause, Twitch, online radio, online and social media. 

The campaign’s based on the idea that firefighters don’t like movies with fires in them because they don’t often show the true reality of a house fire, and their impacts.

The movies show bright orange flames, fire trucks outside and people standing on the street while firefighters rush in and out, saving members of the family. Real house fires are a whole different story and our campaign aims to dispel myths of what a house fire is like and how different the reality is to what we see in movies.

Filmed at Avondale Station in January 2021, the TV ad is the hero of our campaign.


Social media

In a real house fire, you have less than three minutes to escape, or you die. So give yourself a warning. Press the buttons to make sure your smoke alarms work.