If your business or property is targeted by arson, you might suffer significant financial loss and people's lives may be placed at risk.

Many arsons are opportunistic, with people lighting rubbish, recycling paper and other easily ignitable items that are close to buildings. Some simple steps can help reduce the likelihood of your property or business being affected by arson.

  • Keep rubbish bins and skips well away from outside walls. See our guide to preventing rubbish fires for more information.
  • Remove materials that can be used to set fires from outside the property.
  • Install or increase security lights.
  • Involve the community. Ask neighbours to keep an eye on your property and alert the Police if they see any suspicious behaviour.
  • Be particularly alert during November and December. Fireworks, combined with the dry summer season, can often contribute to arson incidents.

Arson in schools

Arson is particularly common in schools, where children might light fires without understanding the potential consequences.

You can find specific information about minimising arson in schools in our guide to protecting your school and assets.