Fire & Emergency New Zealand

Preventing rubbish fires

Every year we attend hundreds of fires that have spread from nearby rubbish skips and bins.

You can help reduce the risk of rubbish fires damaging your property or business by following these guidelines:

Storing rubbish

  • Locate bins away from your building.
  • Store flammable waste in metal rubbish containers with self-closing lids.
  • Some products and materials need to be stored outside. Limit the pile size and keep them well away from buildings both inside and outside any boundary fences.
  • Define safe designated smoking areas for staff or tenants.
  • Lock bin lids when you’re not using them.
  • Arrange to have waste collected weekly to reduce rubbish on site at weekends.

Security and public access

  • Limit public access to your building and yards.
  • Install and maintain adequate perimeter fencing so you can lock and secure the property at night.
  • Install and maintain security lighting and surveillance equipment.