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27 March 2023 - Update on expected rollout of new Evacuation Schemes system

Recently we advised that the implementation of our new Evacuation Schemes project go-live was unsuccessful on the weekend of the 9th – 13th February, and that we would be working to synchronise the many moving parts for a rescheduled event. We want to let you know what’s happening with this.

Fire and Emergency has been presented with the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of the underlying platform, at the same time as we rollout the new system. We’ve decided to take the opportunity to upgrade the platform at the same time as rolling out the new system to ensure we are able to deliver the very best service for our users when we do reach the go-live and reduce the number of outages impacting users. This platform upgrade will provide you further benefits, particularly in ensuring compatibility with mobile devices.

The project team is now busy planning for a successful go-live. The timeframe for this is still being determined but this is likely to take several weeks. We will share the plan and go-live dates once finalised.

As there’s work to do before we go live, we will be continuing with the current platform in the meantime.

We apologise that it will take a little longer, but we want to focus on providing our system users the best possible solution we can, to minimise disruption.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team at

The changeover in a nutshell 

The new software will deliver a host of benefits, including more accurate Evacuation Scheme processing, a more stable and intuitive platform and easier navigation through your Schemes.  

What you need to do 

Approved Schemes – you don’t need to do anything 

We’ll bring them across for you.  

Schemes submitted but not yet approved –  you don’t need to do anything   

Your submitted scheme will be carried across to the new system. Your supporting documents will also follow you into the new system, if you have them, however your templates will not - we recommend you keep a saved copy of your templates on your local computer.  

Schemes in draft and not yet submitted – action may be required  

Some in-draft, unsubmitted schemes will be migrated to the new system, if they have been worked on in the 30 working days prior to 10th February.  Any schemes that have not been worked on in those 30 working days will be considered inactive and will therefore not be taken across to the new system.  In such cases a fresh application will need to be created in the new system, so we encourage you to work on your new Scheme applications now.  

What to expect 

We’re confident you’ll find it easy to adapt to the new system. If you’ve used our system before, the process will stay the same, as will your login, using RealMe as you have always done. Getting into the system might look a bit different, as you’ll enter through our revamped Online Services page, and you’ll be asked for a few basic details so that we can establish a profile for you. Please note you will only need to do so the first time you log in.  

We’re excited to be bringing our new system to you as we believe it’s going to make the entire Evacuation Scheme process so much easier for you. The new look and feel is not only pleasing to the eye; it provides a smoother journey through the Scheme application process. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at