Employer recognition programme

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Employer recognition programme

Our Employer Recognition Programme (ERP) recognises businesses that employ and support people (including those of our self-employed volunteers) who volunteer at their local fire brigade. The programme is based on building partnerships with employers and self-employed volunteers who share our values and commitment to building strong, safe and caring communities.

Some of the benefits of participating in the Employer Recognition Programme include:

  • Use of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Employer Recognition Programme brand in advertising and promotions.
  • We’ll acknowledge your support. Businesses that employ volunteers often have their names on volunteer fire appliances and fire station signage.
  • We’ll include your company in our “Thank You” advertisement in the local community paper.
  • We’ll invite you to our annual Employer Recognition event. These are valuable networking and relationship-building opportunities within the business community.

Any questions or queries relating to the Employer Recognition Programme can be sent to erp@fireandemergency.nz

For more information, check out our guide to the benefits of employing a volunteer.